Our approach

Our Multi-cloud Orchestration SaaS platform Selfdeploy Makes it easy to deploy and control your cloud resources with its intuitive interface.

Selfdeploy allows you To speed up The deployment, To automate Your cloud strategies and keep the Control Your budget on your public clouds while adding governance, security and cost Optimization.




Cost control




Speed up the use of the cloud

Training users to the cloud is consuming and interfaces are Complex. As a result, only a few experts deploy your Resources.

Our platform facilitates team membership and skills acquisition with only two hours of training time to use the Interface. In addition, Selfdeploy simplifies deployment by reducing the time and number of steps Required.

"Selfdeploy optimizes your costs and drastically simplifies the management of your IT services through a SaaS portal"

Automate your cloud policies

You deploy and manage cloud environments on a regular basis which mobilizes your resources for these complex and repetitive tasks. They could be used on higher value-added stocks.

Selfdeploy allows to industrialize the processes of provisioning thanks to the cloning of virtual machines, the automated management of configurations and finally to the service catalog to create automatically complete environments (machine IaaS, middleware, PaaS, network, application...) In a few clicks.



An integrated platform that standardizes access and use of public and private clouds.


Ensure the compliance and governance of your workloads with an automated tenants management.


An integrated platform that standardizes access and use of public and private clouds.


Integration with the security of your company, SSO and role-based access control (RBAC).


Provision cloud resources automatically by workflows to speed up deployment.


Reduce time to market with a standardized catalog of ready-to-use services and applications.


Keep Control of your cloud

The native elasticity of the cloud can be costly.

Unauthorized users are at risk of misusing resources, and poorly affected virtual machines generate uncontrolled Costs.

With Selfdeploy put in place governance systems to manage the roles and functions of your users, control your costs, gain efficiency with our analytics tools and use your resources more efficiently while avoiding shadow IT.

Selfdeploy, a LINKBYNET software

Selfdeploy is the software division of LINKBYNET, which develops tools to help companies build an "It-as-a-Service" infrastructure.
Selfdeploy is based on over 18 years of experience in LINKBYNET's managed services, with its 850 employees in North america, Europe, Asia and Africa.